Sustainable Tobacc Program (STP)

In charge: AIL - Banphai
Banphai - Factory

STP Manufactures are committed to the sustainable production of tobacco to enable a consistent supply of tobacco products that meet adult tobacco users' expectations, as well as quality and regulatory requirements.

The STP Manufacturers define sustainable tobacco production as the efficient production of quality tobacco in conditions that limit as much as possible the impact on the natural environment and that improve the socioeconomic conditions of the people and communities involved in its production. Sustainable tobacco product is the logical outcome of farmers and suppliers consistently applying the Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP).

STP has been introduced following the collaboration of Tobacco Manufacturers previously participating in either the Social Responsibility in Tobacco Production (SRTP) programme or PMI's Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) programme. These two previous programmes have been in operation since 2002. During this time both programmes have been updated and improved to reflect the feedback received from farmer, suppliers and other stakeholders, and to keep up with ever more demanding expectations and technological developments. Over the course of 2015 AB Sustain worked with British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco Group, Japan Tobacco International, Phillip Morris International, RJ Reynolds and Swedish Match to create one combined program and created the STP.