Adams International Ltd. - AIL

Adams International Ltd. was founded in 1969 as a joint venture between W.A. Adams and Chung Cheong Holding; which started exporting tobacco (Thai Oriental Leaf or Turkish Leaf) in 1974, to customers around the world. In 2005, Adams International Ltd. associated with Alliance One International, Inc. until present day.

The primary company functions are to produce seed, provide agronomy services to contracted farmers along with providing crop inputs at cost on credit, processing of tobaccos in accordance to customer specifications, storage of unprocessed/processed tobaccos and shipping to customers.

Adams International Ltd. follows customer guidance on STP (Sustainable Tobacco Production), ALP (Agricultural Labour Practice), COP (Cost of Production), SRTP (Social Responsibility in Tobacco Production), GHG (Green House Gasses – monitoring scopes 1-3) and is internally committed to environmental awareness and conformance through EMS for SME (Environmental Management System – Level 1) and Thai Labour Standards (TLS – level 1).

Processing consists of creating blend plans, feeding of tobaccos on 4 lines according to stalk position, regulating moisture via steam tunnels, opening of pads via pad openers, separation of loose leaf and PADs by air separator (TG), screening of small particles and sand, picking of off grades and Non Tobacco Related Materials, blending into silos (uniformity of blends or Harmans), further air separation and NTRM extraction by laser sorter, final soft dry of tobaccos to customer moisture specification and finally packing into C-48 cartons at 140kg net.