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The Oriental tobacco leaf we purchased from our contract growers are brought to our factory in Banphai, Khon Kaen prefecture.
Upon arrival at our factory, each farmer box of tobacco is rechecked for quality and NTRM. If NTRM is found in a certain box then the entire box is screened carefully1. Samples are also taken. The farmer boxes are then stored in our green storage until it is needed as a component for a customer’s blend. Each farmer box is tracked by a barcode and our computer system for tobacco processing can trace every single box back to its original grower.
After a customer decides on a blend, tobacco leaf from selected farmer boxes are blended together. During the blending process, we carefully control the quality of the blend by removing leafs that do not conform to the blend, as well as picking out NTRM. We also employ the use of a high precision laser sorter to help us with the cleaning process.
Furthermore, our in-house quality control laboratory samples our tobacco regularly for NTRM and crop protection agent residues to ensure nothing but the highest quality leaves that go into our customer’s blends. Moisture is carefully controlled in our packing process and the packed tobaccos are stored in our state of the art warehouse before delivery to our customers.