Oriental Leaf

     In mid 1960s, K.S. Chongsuknirandr set up a company to experiment Oriental leaf production in Thailand. He was looking for ways to improve the livelihood of Thai farmers living in the arid northeastern region of Thailand, better known to locals as “Isan”. His hope was that farmers there could supplement their income by growing the leaf in the dry season when rainfall is scarce.
    To continue the trials, K.S. formed Adams International Ltd. (AIL) in 1969 with a venerable U.S. tobacco supplier W.A. Adams as a joint venture. The outfit got their big break in 1974 when Philip Morris decided to purchase 100 tons of the Thai Oriental leaf. The rest, as they say, is history.
    AIL became associated first with the Standard Commercial Group when it bought W.A. Adams in 1992.  Later in 2005 Standard Commercial Corp. merged with Dimon Inc. to create Alliance One International, which became the current partner of the Chongsuknirandr family in AIL.